Origin: Kansas

Genre: Folk, Americana, Soul

Years Active: 2014-2018 (trio)

                        2018-present (as a duo)

Official Websites: www.paulandlezlee.com


Paul and Lezlee cross many musical borders. With "songs that speak", they have spent the last 4 years heavily touring the US in their trio En Power & Light. They have taken to the road as a duo and continue to bring life and energy through their musical presence. 

Paul and Lezlee have been married for 9 years. Singing together took a few years to materialize as Paul was busy with his solo projects. Lezlee took interest in playing the cajon in 2014 and taught herself very quickly to start playing with Paul and Scott.


On an epic 2,500 mile bicycle trip from Niagara Falls to Charleston, SC in 2014, Lezlee and Paul fell in love with the beauty and love this country possesses. With their two huskies, travel guitar and cajon, they met hundreds of people along the way. After returning to Kansas, they then decided to book a music tour back along the same route. This was the start of touring 6 months out of the year...year after year.

"Amazing vocalists! This is one of the best duos out there. Original, upbeat music that you can easily have on repeat."

 - Lori Bigler

"WOW! You can feel their music in every note and know that it's real. It's rare and it's powerful. 
 -Jill Carol             
"To hear the music of Paul and Lezlee is to be reminded of the true power and artistry of what it means to touch hearts through the gift of sound.                               -Lamont Anderson